How We Started

The history of Duran Sandwiches began over 45 years ago: At that time the family Duran consisted of the late founder Vladimir Duran and his wife and two children, Thomas and Eva. They came from the former Czechoslovakia and settled in Austria.

Serving food was in the Duran family tradition, and now in their new home a restaurant business was founded. In the beginning the whole family baked spa wafers in mobile booths, and later frozen dumplings. Following was a coffeehouse in Tyrol, and one day the promising idea was born: sandwiches!

In 1969, at the Vienna Alserstrasse the first store was established. It was initially a rather daring attempt to introduce the almost unknown sandwiches on the market, but they quickly became the focal point of the business. The foundation for success was set.

Today Duran Sandwiches has stores in Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul and the Czech Republic. These delicious open-faced sandwiches are made using the freshest ingredients, with recipes that have been used for over forty years.

After traveling to Vienna, I fell in love with these delicious and beautiful sandwiches. My husband is from Slovakia, and he is also familiar with this type of open faced sandwich. I decided to bring the idea to the US, and Duran European Sandwiches was born! After traveling to Vienna and working with the family Duran, the first US store was opened in Chicago. We are using the same handmade methods and recipes to ensure authenticity and freshness, and we are happy to be carrying on this family tradition. We hope you enjoy this European version of the classic sandwich…

Bon Appetit!

Tracy Miller,
Owner and Founder